COVID Safety

At the beginning of the season, it is important that we review policies regarding the protection of our athletes and their families.  LAA is adopting the PIAA approach to masking: PIAA Guidelines.  For simplicity sake and common sense...

  1. Policy for Masking:  LAA will not require masks to be worn by athletes when they are on the field of play for games and/or practice.  All other times, including when in the dugout, masks will be required.  Everyone is required to wear masks when they are entering and leaving the park.  Masks will be required for all spectators if social distancing cannot be maintained.  If you are in the quad area for any reason you must have a mask on.
  2. We understand that spectators want to be near the dugout and close to the backstop.  This will not be allowed and we will be designating these zones shortly. Only coaches are allowed between the dugout and the backstop area.  Spectators are recommended to sit in the outfield or as close to the outfield as possible. Large gatherings at the center of the quad must be minimized and mask-wearing is mandatory.
  3. If an athlete does not feel well please do not send them to practice or games.  We understand that this is allergy season and that can be a concern.  Please be considerate to other families and do your best to make good decisions about when to avoid practice or a game.
  4. If there is a contact situation and the potential for others to be impacted exists, it is imperative that testing occur immediately and to contact your team's head coach.  We have had a number of situations occur over the fall, but all of them were contained in part because of good communication and safety protocols being followed on and off of the field.  Testing is available for free all over Bucks County.

We are all thrilled that baseball and softball are taking place this spring.  Our primary goal is to keep everyone in a safe environment.  Furthermore, we do not want any sort of interruption of the season due to some sort of COVID spread incident.  The Board of Directors of Langhorne Athletic Association pleads with you to act responsibly and with common sense.  These kids deserve a season, so we have to do our part to make sure that happens.

Below you will also find the Bucks County Department of Health COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines.

If you have any concerns or questions please reach out to us directly.

Mark Shubin, Softball Director

Kevin McGerry, Baseball Director

BCDH COVID-19 Information Sheet